JKIDs Learning & ADHD Center offers specialized, Individualized Educational Programs which will allow children to excel at their own rate, ensuring that no child will be left behind.


JKIDs Learning & ADHD Center is aligned with the chain of JMEDICAL Centers, under the auspices Dr. H. Jacobson. The center benefits from the specialized medical and para-medical facilities that the Medical Center offers

 Services Available at  JKIDs Learning & ADHD: 


on a part-time basis for children who require remedial intervention programs

Individualized Educational Programs

on a full-time basis for children who have learning potential but have barriers to learning,

that prohibit them from participating in mainstream education systems.

Therapeutic Intervention


cognitive therapy,

speech & language therapy, 

occupational therapy

ADHD Center

providing evidence-based diagnosis treatment services including :

Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Training – recommended by the American Psychiatric Association

NeuroNet certified by ASHA & AOTA

Home Schooling programs


Educational Enrichment

physical education, computer 




social skills groups

Contact Us:

Anita (Case Manager) Tel: (052) 5644002 |  anitajacobson157@gmail.com 

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